48th Annual River Road Show - 2017

A National Juried Exhibition

Rock n Roll Tutu by Ann Kozeliski

September 5 - September 26, 2017

Reception: September 21, 5:30-7:30pm

Judged by Lian Quan Zhen

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Current Theatre Exhibit

Winter Judged Show

November 2 - January 11

Reception on November 12

Independence Park Theatre

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Featured Artist

Kim Santini - interviewed by Trish Poynot

headshot of Kim Santini

Sometimes, the best place to begin is the end rather than the beginning. Such is the case here ... It would be Kim's response to my (almost) last question, "Is there anything else that you'd like to add?" Kim answered that if anyone is interested in a workshop and thinking about taking it, then they should talk to someone who has taken a workshop under that instructor-artist, ask questions about the instructor-artist, how he or she teaches, what they learned or got out of the workshop-and I would add-if they'd take another workshop by that artist. Kim says she prides herself on being approachable, articulate and able to make everyone comfortable enough to ask for help or to ask any questions or whatever. She loves to teach, and strives to bring all workshop attendees closer to their personal artistic goals. (I don't know about you, but I could surely enjoy studying and learning under such a teacher/instructor!)

Kim did her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, and pursued an MFA at Cal State in Los Angeles. It is of interest to note that Kim wrote and published a children's book about color, titled A Dog Named Blue along with several other titles chronicling her ongoing journey as a daily painter. Kim blogs (www.paintingadogaday.com) with a feed and posts additional information, including in-process jpgs and related info, on her studio Facebook page (Kimberly Kelly Santini).

I had to laugh when I learned that Kim's first "real job" was writing owner's manuals for cars! Can you imagine? Her next job, though, was working at a fine art auction house as an administrator, doing appraisals, taking care of consignments and doing auctions-the great thing about this job was spending all day, every day around beautiful objects! A dream come true!

From a child, Kim knew that she loved art and expected to be an artist when she grew up. She simply didn't take the most direct path, working conventional jobs in the real world for a dozen years first. There was serious reflection upon the birth of their third child, and with the support of her husband, Kim quit her job to be a full time parent. She began painting again during children's naps, working at the kitchen table. Before long Kim had gallery representative and was well on her way to her professional art career! I said "wow" to her progress, to which she responded that she'd been in the right place at the right time with people who helped!

Black Rose by Kim Santini

Now a full-time artist who paints faithfully every day, Kim also loves to teach those who aspire to create art. Her favorite medium is acrylics and she does a bit of mixed media in her journals. Her favorite artist currently-it changes depending upon what technique or subject she is pursuing-is John Singer Sargent, mainly due to her fascination with his brushwork, and the difference between what his paintings look like at a distance and up close. Kim loves studying the Old Masters, but would be hard-put to name a favorite, or one in particular who inspired her above the others. She just loves a whole "army" of artists!

Spray Roses by Kim Santini

Kim's go-to subjects to paint (right now) are florals and animals, with some figurative and a few commissions. Her commissioned work in particular results from partnerships or collaborations with her clients. She has no one particular color favorite, but tends to utilize one color more than another for a while-at which time she purposely changes to another color. One of Kim's goals in creating art is that people see or get joy from it. Her success as an artist has come from "showing-up every day" to paint, no excuses; studying other artists, reading and educating herself; treating her studio as a business from the beginning, and asking for help whenever it was needed. She paints every day, about ten hours every week day, and six to eight hours on weekends. And that is her best advice for aspiring artists: show up, be dedicated and willing to do the work; hone professional business skills and create a market for your work, and be fair in pricing your artwork. Kim loves to share bits of advice and helpful tips with her students and others.

Fleur by Kim Santini

If Kim goes on vacation, when she gets home, she really appreciates slowing down, relaxing spending time with her kids, and taking personal time before starting back in to painting. She doesn't do TV at all or movies very often, so she didn't have a favorite movie, but prefers either to read or write or listen to music. However, recently Kim did see The Woman in Gold, and said it was excellent. She has no one favorite spot at home in Lake Orion, but loves the outdoors (when it's not winter!), hiking nearby trails, going fishing, swimming or camping-which they did lots and lots when the kids were young.

Kim's biggest problem about where she lives and about life in general is: TIME-not enough of it!

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