46th Annual River Road Show

Entry Deadline

September 14, 2015


October 21, 2015


December 4, 2015 - December 29, 2015

Reception and Awards Presentation

December 10, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Judged by Diantha York-Ripley

Louisiana State Archives

exhibited at the

Louisiana State Archives Gallery

3851 Essen Lane     Baton Rouge, LA

Open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Gallery is free and open to the public

River Road Show Exhibition

River Road Show Reception

45th Annual National River Road Show - 2014

Last year 122 artists entered 384 works of art in the 45th Annual National River Road Show. Twenty-two of these artists are from outside the state of Louisiana. The juror, Morten Solberg, selected 75 paintings produced by 75 artists from 16 states, that were exhibited in the show at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge. Morten Solberg judged the show and awarded prizes to 14 artists.

Congratulations to the winners!

  • 1st Place: Suzanne Stewart, Mother's Day Party
  • 2nd Place: Robert Willis, The Poacher
  • 3rd Place: Anne Faust, A Gathering of Owls
  • Merit Awards:
    • Gloria Nehf, A Covey of Cardinals
    • Pat Wattam, Peace
    • Doris Truman, Pond Tour
    • Ernie Fournet, Mardi Gras Mischief
    • Douglass Stafford, Prince of Phrontistery
    • Kathy Miller-Stone, Pull-Do Paradise
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Janice Cipriani-Willis, In the Pocket
    • Maureen Killaby, Look at the Tailfeathers on That One
    • Cheri Fry, Blue Shemm
    • Arena Shawn, Simple Grace
    • Elizabeth Whitley, Still
  • Mother's Day Party, Suzanne Stewart
    First Place
    Suzanne Stewart, Mother's Day Party
  • The Poacher, Robert Willis
    Second Place
    Robert Willis, The Poacher
  • A Gathering of Owls, Anne Faust
    Third Place
    Anne Faust, A Gathering of Owls

View all paintings in the River Road Show Gallery

Stunning full-color 45th Annual River Road Show Catalogs are available for purchase. For only $10 each you can view these beautiful artworks on paper in your hands. Mail your contact information and check to PO Box 41115 Baton Rouge, LA 70835 and we will ship your catalog(s) immediately. Catalogs can also be picked up at the Studio in the Park in Baton Rouge. For more details contact Claudia LeJeune at or 225-292-2004.

All Exhibiting Artists and Accepted Works

  • Alva, CA     The Audition Watercolor
  • Jo Ann Adams, LA     Sailing Watercolor
  • Patti Bailey, LA     Break Time New Orleans Oil
  • Judi Betts, AWS, LA     Southern Queen Watercolor
  • Cindy Brabec-King, CO     Ivory Dice Watercolor
  • Marge Campane, LA     Texas Star Hibiscus Graphite
  • Nanci Charpentier, LA     KatKat the Bubbles Girl Oil on Panel
  • Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA     In the Pocket Watercolor
  • Durwood Coffey, MI     Serengeti Serenade Acrylic
  • Marilyn Cothren, LA     Wild Wings and Water Watercolor
  • Rhonda Craven, LA     City Park Neighborhood Watercolor
  • Yvette Creel, LA     She Lit the Way Watercolor
  • William Crowell, LA     Sunrise at Honey Island Acrylic on Panel
  • Kathy Daigle, LA     Juicy Sweet Pastel
  • Terri Dakmak, LA     Flirtation in Feathers Watercolor
  • Marylyn Daniel, LA     Summer Fun Oil
  • Debbie Denstorff, LA     Jazzy Reflections Oil
  • Larry Downs, LA     Waiting Their Turn Acrylic
  • Denice Cyrex Ducote, LA     It's About Time Watercolor
  • Kathleen Durdin, FL     Skulls Watercolor
  • Emily Efferson, LA     Crawfish Taste of Tony's Watercolor
  • Betty Efferson, LA     Enfrente Arte, Ronda, Spain Oil
  • Anne Faust, LA     A Gathering of Owls Serigraph
  • Jane Flowers, LA     Preaching to the Choir Oil on Board
  • Ernie Fournet, LA     Mardi Gras Mischief Acrylic
  • Cheri Fry, LA     Blue Shemm Watercolor
  • Sarah Janece Garcia, TX     Wonderment Oil
  • Debra Heard, LA     Time for Tea Oil
  • Paul Hitchen, MA     Inner Harbor Acrylic
  • Emily Hunter, LA     Emercion Oil
  • Charlotte Huntley, CA     No Way Norway Watercolor
  • Vera Judycki, LA     Playing Marbles Mixed Media
  • Tricia Kaman, OH     The Reenactor Oil
  • Maureen Killaby, TX     Look at the Tail Feathers on That One Colored Pencil
  • Brenda Legendre, LA     Glass Menagerie Watercolor
  • Claudia LeJeune, LA     Just Ducky Watercolor
  • Jorge Leon, FL     Gossipy Watercolor and Acrylic on Paper
  • Mary Lou Liberty, LA     Lafitte Barn Oil
  • Ashley Lynchard, LA     Fisherman's Attraction Acrylic
  • Miguel Malagon, IL     Braids Oil on Linen
  • Martha Manco, SC     The Conversation Oil
  • Terry McAnally, AK     Courtship Watercolor
  • Sylvia Miller, OK     Chirp Oil
  • Joann Mobley, TX     He Said He Wanted a Harley Oil
  • Gloria Nehf, IL     A Covey of Cardinals Watercolor
  • Jim Packard, LA     Did I Dream This Out Loud Acrylic
  • Brian Paulino, LA     City Composition no. 2 Oil
  • Michael Perault, LA     Delores 1954 Chevy Acrylic
  • Lisa Pope, LA     Bubbles and Boots Soft Pastel
  • Gail Postal, NY     Tsering Oil and Graphite
  • Lupe Rodriguez, TX     El Punto Final Pen and Ink
  • Herb Roe, LA     Faire des Petits Morceaux de Joie Oil
  • Sue Rose, WA     Samurai Warriors II Watercolor
  • Lyle Rushing, CA     We Are One Acrylic on Wood
  • Patricia Ryan, LA     Holding On Oil
  • Arena Shawn, CA     Simple Grace Charcoal
  • Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, WA     Jolly Roger - Box at the Beach Series Acrylic
  • Alex Smith, LA     People Watching Oil
  • Douglas Stafford, LA     Prince of Phrontistery Oil on Panel
  • Suzanne Stewart, TX     Mother's Day Party Oil
  • Jeannie Stone, AR     Pheasant Run Oil
  • Kathy Miller Stone, NWS, LA     Pull-Do Paradise Watercolor
  • Rod Talbot, LA     Crazy Flowers Scratch Board
  • Don Taylor, FL     NOLA Time Watercolor on Yupo
  • Ken Taylor, MI     The Caddy Acrylic
  • Doris Truman, LA     Pond Tour Watercolor
  • Janice Turner, LA     Nostalgic Crawfish Colored Pencil
  • Joseph Turpin, LA     Jigga Joe Acrylic
  • George Tutt, MO     Silver Complement III Acrylic
  • Pat Wattam, LA     Peace Oil
  • Sally Webb, LA     Lucky Butterflies Watercolor
  • Elizabeth Whitley, LA     Still Oil
  • Rose Mary Williams, LA     Gulf Boulevard Oil
  • Robert Willis, CA     The Poacher Watercolor
  • Fotios Zemenides, IL     In Search of the Grand Illusion Etching and aquatint

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the 45th National River Road Show

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