47th Annual River Road Show


July 13, 2016


September 6, 2016 - September 28, 2016

Reception and Awards Presentation

September 22, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Judged by Bill Farnsworth, OPA

Louisiana State Archives

exhibited at the

Louisiana State Archives Gallery

3851 Essen Lane     Baton Rouge, LA

Open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Gallery is free and open to the public

River Road Show Reception

46th Annual National River Road Show - 2015

Last year 134 artists entered 406 works of art in the 46th Annual National River Road Show. Sixteen of these artists were from outside the state of Louisiana. The juror, Diantha York-Ripley, selected 75 paintings produced by 75 artists from 12 states, to be exhibited in the show at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge. Diantha York-Ripley judged the show and awarded prizes to 15 artists.

Congratulations to the Winners!

  • First Place: Jane Flowers, Takin' the Shortcut
  • Second Place: Margaret Bayalis, Emerging
  • Third Place: Lynn M Washauer, Clearing Skies
  • Merit Awards:
    • Cathy Chesney, Gladness for Morning
    • Marilyn Sears Bourbon, Hatitude
    • Maria Ruggiero, Reflections of a Painting
    • Miguel Malagon, Sunlit
    • Elizabeth Whitley, The Journey
    • Betty Efferson, Gossip Bench
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Ernie Fournet, Chasing the Rainbow
    • Jorge Leon, Tablecloth with Fruits
    • Denice Ducote, Party of Three
    • Arlene Austin Earhart, Frying Pan Rill
    • Kathleen Durdin, Wine's Almost Gone
    • Cheri Fry, Daniel
  • Takin' the Shortcut by Jane Flowers
    First Place
    Jane Flowers, Takin' the Shortcut
  • Emerging by Margaret Bayalis
    Second Place
    Margaret Bayalis, Emerging
  • Clearing Skies by Lynn M Washauer
    Third Place
    Lynn M Washauer, Clearing Skies

View all artwork in the River Road Show Gallery

Stunning full-color 46th Annual River Road Show Catalogs are available for purchase. For only $10 each you can view these beautiful artworks on paper in your hands. Mail your contact information and check to PO Box 41115 Baton Rouge, LA 70835 and we will ship your catalog(s) immediately. Catalogs can also be picked up at the Studio in the Park in Baton Rouge. For more details contact Claudia LeJeune at or 225-292-2004.

All Exhibiting Artists and Accepted Works

  • Rubaiyet Abedin, LA     The Guitarist Watercolor
  • Christine Alfery, WI     Fence Line Acrylic and Watercolor
  • John Bayalis, FL     Puzzle 34 Watercolor
  • Margaret Bayalis, FL     Emerging Oil
  • Frances Bayham, LA     Family Canoe Trip Watercolor
  • Judi Betts, AWS, LA     Keep Moving Watercolor
  • Louise Bodenheimer, MO     Painted Flounder Mixed Media
  • Marilyn Sears Bourbon, TX     Hatitude MIxed Watercolor
  • Rosie Brown, FL     Wild Thing Watercolor
  • Marge Campane, LA     Radial Symmetry Graphite
  • Cathy Chesney, LA     Gladness for Morning (New Zealand) Mixed Media
  • Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA     Lady Waiting Watercolor
  • Carol Creel, LA     Face of Adversity 2 Watercolor
  • Denice Cyrex-Ducote, LA     Party of Three Watercolor
  • Kathy Daigle, LA     Farm Flowers Oil
  • Terri Dakmak, LA     Crab Watercolor
  • Marylyn Daniel, LA     Touring Oil
  • Mary Jean Davis, TX     A Stitch in Time Pastel
  • Shirley Doiron, LA     Lampost Watercolor
  • Larry Downs, LA     Big Bob's Acrylic
  • Kathleen Durdin, FL     Wine's Almost Gone Collage
  • Georgie Dussouy, LA     Pigeon Forge Reflections Watercolor
  • Arlene Austin Earhart, LA     Frying Pan Rill Oil
  • Betty Efferson, LA     Gossip Bench Oil
  • Emily Efferson, LA     Sunburst Hibiscus Watercolor
  • Jane Flowers, LA     Takin' the Shortcut Oil
  • Ernie Fournet, LA     Chasing the Rainbow Acrylic
  • Cheri Fry, LA     Daniel Oil
  • Sarah Janece Garcia, TX     Shadows of Creation Oil
  • Gary Green, LA     New Orleans Alley Watercolor
  • Louise Hansen, LA     Beaver Dam on Indian Creek Watermedia
  • Daniel Hare, LA     Safe Harbor 2 Watercolor
  • Josephine Hodos, OH     Looking for Blue Bells Oil
  • Ron Hooper, LA     Magnolia, Plaquemines Parish Acrylic
  • Ellen Jenkins, LA     Angels' Trumpets Watercolor
  • Donna Kilbourne, LA     Sand Supervisor Oil
  • Julia Koutroulis, TX     Friendship Oil
  • Rupali Kumbhani, IL     Fall Pathway Oil Pastel on leaves, tissue paper
  • Jorge Leon, FL     Table Cloth with Fruits Acrylic/Watercolor
  • Mary Lou Liberty, LA     Free Range Chickens Oil
  • Miguel Malagon, IL     Sunlit Oil
  • John Mariani, TX     Ripples in Still Water (Snowy Egret) Watercolor
  • Laura Mitchell, LA     Two Fingers Watercolor
  • Dana Mosby, LA     Two Silos and a Shed Oil
  • Gail Postal, NY     Aisha Graphite, Oil and Glitter
  • Donna Rhodes, LA     She Waits Oil
  • Herb Roe, LA     Et la bouteille est bue Oil
  • Audrey Rosenblum, FL     Contemplation Oil
  • Larry Rosendahl, LA     Gaucho Oil
  • Patricia Ryan, LA     Jammin' on Royal Street Watercolor
  • Maria Ruggiero, MI     Reflections of a Painting Watercolor
  • Catherine Sarrazin, LA     Peppermint Twist Watercolor
  • Glinda Schafer, LA     Mardi Gras Indians-Traditions I Pastel
  • Leah Schwartzman, LA     Purple Passion Watercolor
  • Arena Shawn, CA     Jungle Fire Watercolor
  • Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, WA     Transitions Acrylic
  • Douglas Stafford, LA     October Moon Oil
  • Suzanne Stewart, TX     O Happy Day Oil
  • Kathy Miller Stone, NWS, LA     Greenside Porch Watercolor
  • R Gregory Summers, KS     Passage de la Bourse Oil
  • Don Taylor, FL     NOLA II Watercolor
  • Doris Truman, LA     Nottoway Plantation Balcony Watercolor
  • Dorothy Turk, CA     Just Waiting Oil
  • Peg Usner, LA     Crescent City Connection II Oil
  • Sue Wang, LA     Holy River in India Oil
  • Lynn M Washauer, LA     Clearing Skies Acrylic
  • Pat Wattam, LA     The Pig Trail Oil
  • Marilyn Webberley, WA     The Mid-Day Meal Oil
  • Melissa West, WA     Doreen's Jazz Acrylic
  • Elizabeth Whitley, LA     The Journey Oil
  • Laure Williamson, LA     Uptown Skater Oil
  • Robert Willis, CA     Live Bait Trapper Watercolor
  • Monica Wood, LA     Orchid and Angel Vine Oil
  • Cindy Woods, AL     Ever Vigilant Oil
  • Martha Yancey, LA     Meg Oil

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the 46th National River Road Show

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