44th Annual River Road Show

November 15, 2013 - December 19, 2013

Judged by Judi Betts, AWS

Reception and Awards Presentation

December 13, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Louisiana State Archives

exhibited at the

Louisiana State Archives Gallery

3851 Essen Lane     Baton Rouge, LA

Open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Gallery is free and open to the public

This year 131 artists entered 403 works of art in the 44th Annual National River Road Show. Thirty-one of these artists are from outside the state of Louisiana. The juror, Judi Betts, selected 73 paintings produced by 73 artists from 17 states, to be exhibited in the show at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge. Judi Betts judged the show and awarded prizes to 14 artists.

Congratulations to the winners!

  • 1st Place: Victoria Castillo, Against the Light
  • 2nd Place: Miguel Malagon, Just Kool
  • 3rd Place: Suzanne Wolfe, The Winter Guest
  • Merit Awards:
    • Cindy Brabec-King, All That Glitters
    • Cheri Fry, Amore
    • Donna Botten, Tender Mercies
    • Don Taylor, Short Order
    • Roy Pfister, Rainy Day in Rome
    • Terry McAnally, Just Keep Swimming
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Laura Mitchell, All American Pie
    • Ruth Terrill, The 11th Hour
    • Pat Macaluso, The Law of Mundane Transposition
    • Byron Levy, Jazz
    • Marylyn Daniel, Stanford Avenue
  • Against the Light, Victoria Castillo

    First Place
    Victoria Castillo, Against the Light

  • Just Kool, Miguel Malagon

    Second Place
    Miguel Malagon, Just Kool

  • The Winter Guest, Suzanne Wolfe

    Third Place
    Suzanne Wolfe, The Winter Guest

View all paintings in the River Road Show Gallery

All Exhibiting Artists and Accepted Works

  • Suzanne Antoon     White Heron
  • Katie Arimura     Self Portrait
  • Kay Bailey     Relic of Years Gone By
  • Calvin Balencie     Blue Heron
  • Carolyn Biggio     Quiet Day with Yellow Flowers
  • Donna Botten     Tender Mercies
  • Marilyn Sears Bourbon     Sunday in the Park
  • Cindy Brabec-King     All That Glitters
  • Wanda Caro     Time To Fly
  • Victoria Castillo     Against the Light
  • Nanci Charpentier     Magnolia 9
  • C. Arthur Croyle     The Stand I
  • Denice Cyrex Ducote     Connected
  • Terri Dakmak     Center of Attention
  • Marylyn Daniel     Stanford Avenue
  • Mary Jean Davis     Mr. Young
  • Betty Efferson     Kool Kat
  • Emily Efferson     Lake Martin Home Owner
  • Antonio C. Ferachi     Bromeliads and Fruit
  • Nancy Fisher     Patterns
  • Jane Flowers     Walk Tall and Carry a Big Stick
  • Ernie Fournet     Muses of Masquerade
  • Cheri Fry     Amore
  • Mary Heckman     Wildflowers by the Pond
  • Torie Holeman     Sunday Afternoon
  • Charlotte Huntley     Reflections of a Queen
  • Ellen Jenkins     Roadside Cottage
  • Tricia Kaman     My Rock II
  • Joe Krawczyk     Handling Holidays
  • Lissa Lee     Patio Tulips
  • Claudia LeJeune     Dancing Doll Orchids
  • Byron Levy     Jazz
  • Mary Lou Liberty     Luling Ferry Inn
  • Diane Long     Garden Bridge
  • Pat Macaluso     The Law of Mundane Transposition
  • Miguel Malagon     Just Kool
  • Ralph Marino     Fritz and the Fortress
  • Barbara Mason     Purr-fect Perch
  • Terry McAnally     Just Keep Swimming
  • Laura Mitchell     All American Pie
  • Melody Montero-Ortiz     Cello Player
  • Gloria Nehf     Heading to the Post
  • Carol Ordogne     Car Talk
  • Elaine Park     Life Is
  • Roy Pfister     Rainy Day in Rome
  • Lisa Pope     Creating
  • Marilyn Price     Chef Mackie
  • Kathy Rabold     I'm at the Crossroads Mom
  • Stan Routh     Nets N' Riggin'
  • Wilma Roy     Circus, Circus
  • Maria Ruggiero     Water and Air
  • Patricia Ryan     Vegan Fare
  • Peter Scala     Trailing
  • Glinda Schafer     Shrimp and Grits
  • Lynn Schmidt     Virginia
  • Beverly Shaw-Starkovich     Box at the Beach
  • Kathy Miller Stone, NWS     Hidden Wood Duck
  • Margaret Sun     Venice III
  • Pamela Sweet     European Turnips
  • Don Taylor     Short Order
  • Ruth Terrill     The 11th Hour
  • Blair Thrall     The Good Shepherd
  • June Tuma     Angel, It's Gonna Be OK
  • George Tutt     American Patrol II
  • Peg Usner     Water Under the Bridge
  • Debra Wade     Royal Ribbons
  • Sue Wang     Brazilian Ruins
  • Donna Warner     Rum and Conch
  • Pat Wattam     Acadia Park
  • Elizabeth Whitley     Spring
  • Herb Willey     Old Lumber and Nails
  • Rose Mary Williams     November at Merry Pier
  • Laure Williamson     Spring Bounty
  • Suzanne Wolfe     The Winter Guest
  • Sue Zimmermann     Tied Up
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