6 Tips on How to Improve Light and Shadow in Drawing

LightArt / March 16, 2021

With just 3 of these 6 tips on how to improve light and shadow in drawing, I was totally able to improve my drawings in a short time. What if I told you that it is totally possible to improve the light and shadow in your drawings just by following a few tips? Then keep reading and I will give you not only 1 but 6 tips to start applying today! Materials One of the first tips on how to improve light and shadow in…

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Photography: How to draw with light

LightArt / March 6, 2021

Lightpainting is a technique that has – in some ways – more in common with drawing than with photography itself. In a dark room, or outdoors at night, the lightpainter uses portable light sources – flashlights, flames, and LEDs, for example – to draw in the air, and the camera sensor registers every movement. The image itself is not exactly a photo, but a mix between photographic capture and painting. To better understand this, some time ago you saw here on Baixaki a tutorial about…

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