47th Annual River Road Show


September 6, 2016 - September 28, 2016

Reception and Awards Presentation

September 22, 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Judged by Bill Farnsworth, OPA

Louisiana State Archives

exhibited at the

Louisiana State Archives Gallery

3851 Essen Lane     Baton Rouge, LA

Open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Gallery is free and open to the public

River Road Show Reception


This year 142 artists entered 407 works of art in the 47th Annual National River Road Show. Forty-five of these artists are from outside the state of Louisiana. The juror, Bill Farnsworth, OPA, selected 75 paintings produced by 75 artists from 20 states, to be exhibited in the show at the Louisiana State Archives Gallery in Baton Rouge. Bill Farnsworth judged the show and awarded prizes to 15 artists.

Judge's Comment

"When I walk into a show to judge, I move to the center and do a first impression. Then I move in closer to examine each painting 4 or 5 times. The winner of this show held my eye and skillfully kept my attention." - Bill Farnsworth, OPA

Congratulations to the Winners!


Nets Cast on the Other Side by Cindy Brabec-King

Cindy Brabec-King (Palisade, CO)

Nets Cast on the Other Side (Watercolor)

Judge's comment: "This painting grabbed me the moment I walked in the room. A wonderful display of technical skill combined with great design, color harmony and values. You can't stop looking at this painting."


Rhapsody by Margaret Bayalis

Margaret Bayalis (St. Petersburg, FL)

Rhapsody (Oil)

Judge's comment: "The movement, design and temperature shifts are really wonderful in this painting."


Texas Wildflowers by Elayne Kuehler

Elayne Kuehler (Baton Rouge, LA)

Texas Wildflowers (Oil)

Judge's comment: "This painting makes a bold statement with the flowers. The artist has your eye locked in on the yellow flowers and moves throughout the painting with control of value and chroma."

  • Merit Awards:
    • Judi Betts, Playmates
    • Barbara Duplantier, Second Line Celebration
    • Betty Efferson, Blowing in the Wind
    • Jane Flowers, Songbird
    • Stephanie Holznecht, In Plain Sight
    • Pat Wattam, The Trainer
  • Honorable Mentions:
    • Connie Abboud, Awakening
    • Debbie Baer, Cecilia's Geranium
    • Terri Dakmak, Eye on the Fish
    • Marylyn Daniel, Home
    • Debra Hrdy, Reflections of Summer
    • Marilyn Webberly, Book Club

View all artwork in the River Road Show Gallery

All Exhibiting Artists and Accepted Works

  • Connie Abboud, LA     Awakening, Acrylic
  • Jo Ann Adams, LA     Spiderwort Jungle, Watercolor
  • Christine Alfery, WI     Sunflower VII, Watercolor and Acrylic
  • Renee Alyson, MO     Yellow and Blue Hen, Acrylic
  • Debbie Baer, PA     Cecilia's Geranium, Acrylic
  • Calvin Balencie, LA     Quiet Pond, Watercolor
  • Margaret Bayalis, FL     Rhapsody, Oil
  • Theresa Beaubouef, LA     Desire, Oil
  • Judi Betts, AWS, LA     Playmates, Transparent Watercolor
  • Carolyn Biggio, LA     White Horse and the Blue Bottle, Oil
  • John Bolander, LA     Heavy Traffic, Acrylic
  • MaryAnn Bonura-Smith, LA     Lampstand V, Encaustic/Gold Leaf
  • Linda Bowsher, LA     South of King William Street, Oil
  • Cindy Brabec-King, CO     Nets Cast On the Other Side, Watercolor
  • Marge Campane, LA     First Frost, Graphite
  • Steadman Channer, NJ     Kathy, Oil on Linen
  • Nanci Charpentier, LA     Road, Clouds, Trees, and Grass, Oil on Wood
  • Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA     Blue Eyed Wonder, Watercolor
  • Terri Dakmak, LA     Eye on the Fish, Watercolor
  • Marylyn Daniel, LA     Home, Oil
  • Larry Downs, LA     Golden Begonias, Colored Pencil
  • Barbara Duplantier, LA     Second Line Celebration, Oil
  • Michael Eble, LA     Meander, Acrylic
  • Emily Efferson, LA     Iced Blues, Watercolor
  • Betty Efferson, LA     Blowing in the Wind, Pastel
  • Anne Faust, LA     The Shell Bar, serigraph
  • Jane Flowers, LA     Songbird, Oil
  • Ernie Fournet, LA     Bon Temps Rouler, Acrylic
  • Nancy Garcia, VA     Oo La! La! Des Fruits de Mer, Colored Pencil
  • Louise Hansen, LA     Dance of the Red Polipores, Watercolor
  • Joyce Hensley, LA     Young Goat in TIckfaw, Watercolor
  • Paul Hitchen, MA     Rollin' On the River Too, Acrylic
  • Stephanie Holznecht, WI     In Plain Sight, Acrylic
  • Ken Hopel, LA     Lakeview, Oil
  • Debra Hrdy, AL     Reflections of Summer, Oil
  • Mary May Huneycutt, LA     The Musician, Watercolor
  • Joy Jennings, MS     Paris Afternoon, Oil
  • Anna Kern, FL     Niagara, Mixed Media
  • Joe Krawczyk, FL     Old Pal, Acrylic
  • Elayne Kuehler, LA     Texas Wildflowers, Oil
  • Tim Lloyd, LA     Verrett Point, Oil
  • Miguel Malagon, IL     Ellen, Oil
  • Terry McAnally, AK     Mallard Pair, Watercolor
  • Donna F. McGee, LA     Soft Spring Wind, Arcrylic Collage
  • Jo McWilliams, LA     St. Francisville Oaks, Acrylic
  • Joann Mobley, TX     Jammin', Oil
  • Dana Mosby, LA     Waiting, Pastel
  • Donald Naquin, NV     Cane Cutter, Oil
  • Diane Newman, LA     Retired Buoys, Watercolor
  • Jose Pardo, FL     Humanity Fell, Oil
  • Claire Pasqua, LA     Joyce's Canna Lillies, Oil
  • Noel Poche, LA     Fairy Tutu, Watercolor
  • Nancy Poirrier, LA     Beach Ribbons, Mixed Media
  • Gail Postal, NY     Waltrudis, Graphite and Oil
  • Barbara Rallo, LA     Violet con Vivace, Watercolor
  • Wilma Roy, LA     Wired II, Mixed Media
  • Patricia Ryan, LA     Holy Vessel, Watercolor
  • Jason Sacran, AR     The Veteran, Oil on Linen
  • Arena Shawn, CA     Defiance - Portrait of Tigre from Life, Chalk and Charcoal
  • Beverly Shaw-Starkovich, WA     House with the Blue Roof, Acrylic
  • Errol Smith, NY     T. C. Britt, Oil
  • Nancy Smitherman, LA     Resplendent Moment, Acrylic
  • Nela Steric, CA     "The Cute Stuff" Series, "CT3", Watercolor and Inks on Yupo Paper
  • Kathy Miller Stone, NWS, LA     All but Forgotten, Watercolor
  • Don Taylor, FL     Fleet Street II, Watercolor
  • Doris Truman, LA     Peacock, Watercolor
  • Joseph Turpin, LA     Home Sweet Home, Acrylic
  • Sue Wang, LA     Louisiana Jazz, Acrylic
  • Pat Wattam, LA     The Trainer, Oil
  • Sally Webb, LA     Pewter and Pears, Watercolor
  • Marilyn Webberley, WA     Book Club, Oil
  • Elizabeth Whitley, LA     Tangrela Lake, Oil
  • Herb Willey, MS     Asian Prawns in Hamper, Transparent Watercolor
  • Robert Willis, CA     Still Waters, Watercolor

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the 47th National River Road Show

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