Picture Day

Have lots of paintings?       Need pictures of them?

Having digital pictures of your artwork can be useful for many reasons such as keeping an archival reference, an online gallery, or to email to people interested in your work.

Wouldn't it be nice to have high quality pictures of your paintings? For FREE!

Now you can eliminate the hassle of dealing with reflections, glare, incorrect lighting, shadows, etc. by taking advantage of LAAG's Picture Day service (free for LAAG members).

You can bring in up to 5 paintings to be photographed at the Studio in the Park on the third Sunday of every month, from 1 pm - 4 pm. Pictures will be digitally developed to accurately represent the colors and values in your paintings. You can bring framed or unframed paintings. They can even be behind glass!

First, your artwork will be photographed in a semi-professional setup using appropriate equipment and techniques. Then the pictures will be transferred from camera to computer and digitally "developed". This process includes cropping and tone, contrast, color correction. The end result is an image that represents the actual artwork as accurately as possible. The final images will be burned onto a CD for you, in both screen/email and print quality.

You are more than welcome to wait while your artwork is being photographed and processed. This could take up to a couple of hours depending on a number of circumstances. If you do choose to wait, please try to come early as work is done on a first come-first served basis. A more popular option is to drop off your artwork anytime during the day. Artwork that is dropped off can be picked up on Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm. Other pick up arrangements can be made as well.

  1. Please limit the number of works to 5.
  2. You can bring framed AND/OR unframed work.
  3. Works CAN be under glass.
  4. Works can be any size; from 4x5 inches to 4x5 feet.

All LAAG members who bring in 5 paintings with titles and medium clearly identified on the back will have a personal gallery created on this website. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a professional venue to share your artwork with friends, family, and potential buyers. An unlimited number of paintings can be added to your gallery. Over 120 artists have already taken advantage, you can view their Galleries here.

If you need to have more than five works photographed, we can schedule a day for you to bring in as many as you want. The fee for an individual photo day is a $25 setup fee and $2 per painting. Contact Lane Downs at or 225-371-1425.

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